Parenting Teens: The Biggest Job We’ll Ever Have Podcast

Do you feel that parenting teens is the biggest job you’ll ever have? Are you wondering about how to help your child discover his or her unique potential? Are you dedicated to raising a child with character and integrity? Based on the Hyde School’s philosophy of “parents are the primary teachers and the home is the primary classroom,” this podcast was created to help parents understand just how to put this philosophy in place in the home, and to discover the transformative outcomes that happen in families who implement it. You will hear from not only experts in the field of raising teenagers, such as educational consultants, authors, and therapists, but also hear from former Hyde parents and students who share their stories of challenges and triumphs on this journey. We welcome you to jump in and start discovering some “ah ha” moments and practices you can implement right away to bring your family closer together and raise self-confident teenagers with character who become inspiring adults.
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Parenting Teens: The Biggest Job We’ll Ever Have Podcast



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Apr 17, 2016

How can a parent take the long view in parenting when the police have just arrested their teen for drunk driving? Or when the school has called and said, “Your daughter is not going to walk with her class due to a plagiarizing incident…,” or any other myriad of challenges that kids seem to put before their parents.

“Take the long view,” says author Laura Gauld. “Instead of asking yourself, ‘Will my child grow up to be happy?’ or, ‘will my child be independent as an adult?’ ask yourself, ‘will my child learn how to take a risk and fall flat on his face?’”  

In this introductory podcast to Parenting Teens: The Biggest Job We’ll Ever Have, based on the book of the same name by Laura and Malcolm Gauld, learn from Laura the importance of taking the long view, the importance of having a personal vision for your life, and that it’s never too late to change your parenting.